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Aldi Ribs Smoked on the Fornetto Razzo

Aldi Smoked Ribs

Here is my super quick guide to nailing Aldi Ribs on the Fornetto Razzo. Aldi ribs aren’t as meaty compared to your baby back ribs but if done well, you can have super delicious ribs ready in under 3 hours!

I did this cook up using my Fornetto Razzo with the help of a SmartFire to control the temp. This guide can be used across any smoker really, so although I cook on a Razzo, there is nothing stopping you from achieving the same results in any smoker, controlling the temp is your main focus and then the timing should be the same.

Step 1. Prep The Ribs: I have seen so many videos on how to prep racks, so won’t bore you with the details, I basically remove the back membrane off of the ribs and trim off any excess fat, In the case of Aldi ribs, there isn’t a lot to trim and if you spend more than 5 minutes on a rack, you are taking too long. It’s home Low n Slow, you don’t want to waste ribs, don’t try to make it too perfect.

Step 2. Rub ribs in some Mild American Mustard, and then layer your rub. Spread the rub generously and pat it down, don’t rub it in, you want this to bind with the mustard and help create a thin bark when in the smoker. Once you get the rub on, let that sink in and get that smoker fired up.

Step 3. Fire up your Fornetto Razzo, our mate Liam from Barker’s BBQ always talks about a temp range for low and slow, so don’t get too caught up with hitting a perfect temp. Liam recommends between 250-300F. Kicked off the charcoal in a chimney and set the SmartFire to hit 275F and let it do its work.

Step 4. Once your temp hits and sits around 275F, get those ribs on, the Aldi Ribs get to the wrap stage within 30-45 minutes, so keep an eye on them. Once they pass the Scratch Test, where the rub looks dry with no wet patches and it doesn’t scrape off when you rub it with your finger, they are ready to be wrapped. The ribs were probing around 150-175F across the rack, I use an InkBird IHT-1P, it’s quick and easy and helps when there isn’t enough meat to get your probes into from your SmartFire or other thermometers.

Stage 5. Wrap those ribs! I use foil, a layer of butter on the foil, some honey or maple or sauce, whatever you fancy; meat side down, sauce the back if you like and wrap them tightly. Wrap it a couple of times over to make sure they don’t open up when they sit back in the smoker.

Stage 6. Pop them back in the smoker, meat site down, close that lid for about 1.5-2 hours, check the temp after an hour. When it starts hitting 200-205F, its time for a glaze.

Stage 7. Glaze ’em up! Really comes down to your taste, either use a sauce, warmed up or a proper glaze to accompany the flavour of the rub. Carefully remove the ribs out of the smoker, close that lid, an open lid can give you some major temp spikes. Unwrap the rack, glaze the backside of the rack, place them on a tray or create a little boat out of the foil, place ribs meat side up. Glaze the meat side and then put them back in the smoker for 15 minutes or till glaze is set, don’t go too close to 30 minutes or the racks will start to dry out.

Stage 8. Your glaze is all set, take those racks out, take your Insta photo and tuck in!

Aldi Smoked Ribs

Like all Low N Slow Cooking, there is some trial and error, Aldi Ribs are never the same size, so when you buy them, I recommend you try and get 2-3 racks that are a similar shape or size to make your life easier.

Good luck with your cook-up and please let us know how you go!

Cheers Reyan