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BBQ Pork Ribs on the Weber Q

BBQ Pork Ribs on the Weber Q 6



Lay the ribs on their back and remove the silverskin. I find a butter knife helps to get you started and then grab it with your trusty paper towel to remove. Don’t worry if you don’t get it all.

Then on both sides add a generous amount of Hot Hogs Pork Rub. I usually start on the back and finish in the meat side up. Let it rest and soak in all that flavor. You can. Do it for 20min but I like to give it an hour. No need for a binding agent if you have the time to let it soak in.

Next preheat the bbq and set her to the lowest set she can go. Mine sits on around 150C degrees. Usually, you want it lower than that. So by using the indirect and roasting it drops about 10-15C degrees off where the meat is. I then leave it for an hour and check how it’s going. With the crazy windy weather, trying to keep a low heat and not have the Weber Q blow out was a challenge.

The iGrill was a valuable tool today as it was able to keep an eye on the temp while avoiding the rain. When looking delicious I’ll pull it off the heat and wrap it after about 1.5 hours. As part of the wrap, I add some brown sugar, butter, and some more of that delicious Hot Hog Pork Rub.

Put it back on for another hour and check Once the bones start to pull away put in your iGrill and keep an eye until she hits 88c interval temp. (Insert back to the future meme) You can keep it going for another 20-30 if you want it to fall off the bones but I like it competition-style where you can make a clean bite.

BBQ Pork Ribs on the Weber Q

Enjoy them ribs

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