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How to cook St Louis Cut Pork Ribs

St Louis Cut Pork Ribs

St Louis Pork Ribs Cooked Two Ways: I cooked up a couple of amazing St Louis Cut Pork Ribs from Range Meats using rubs from Sauc’d Lownslow and Treat Your Meat, pairing them with Glazes from Basketcase Gourmet. You can watch the cook up below and I go into a bit more detail on the cook up further down.

We paired the Sauc’d Lownslow Gentleman’s Blend Coffee Rub with Basketcase Gourmet‘s Grilled Meat Glaze, the rub and glaze paired so well together. The Gentlemen’s Rub Coffee Blend has a real deep, rich, earthy aroma to it with hints of coffee throughout, I have fallen in love with since I have come across it, it also has this chocolatey smokey flavour through it and it definitely packs a punch when you first smell and taste it.

The Grilled Meat Glaze on the Gentlemen’s Blend adds a nice touch of sweetness to the Coffee Rub and really helped balance out the flavour profile of this rack and make it super delicious. I highly recommend this combination, it gave the rack a more mature flavour set that complimented the meat so well.

The second rub I used was the Red Hot Chick from Treat Your Meat this is a smokey rub that has a punch you in the face cayenne pepper hit, it’s a little bit more powdery and a lot spicier than your average rub and man did I love it! I glazed up the Treat Your meat Red Hot Chick rack with the Chilli Caramel Glaze from Basketcase Gourmet.

I absolutely loved the colour of this glaze Chillie Caramel Glaze, it just makes the rack pop, and the sweetness of the caramel with chilli combined with the heat from the Red Hot Chick rub was just an amazing combination

I runner Fornetto Razzo 22” with a SmartFire BBQ attached for peace of mind and ease of cooking! Cooking with Mallee Root lump charcoal from our mates at Bellarine Spit Hire and Charcoal Wood Supplies down here in Geelong.

I got the temp up to 250 Fahrenheit and got the racks into the Razzo, I’m cooked them up real slow today, I normally aim for 275 Fahrenheit but I wanted to treat these two racks with some care and not adding any extra smoking wood today, I just wanted to stick with the flavors from the charcoal.

The timing of the cook up will vary for you, so cook them up to your specific smoker and your taste in how tender you like you smoked ribs, keeping in mind that a rack can be done anywhere between 190-205 Fahrenheit and testing tenderness is a great way to test your rack is ready.

Both racks came our perfectly, the meat from Range Meats were just spot on and super meaty, and delicious. The glazes from Basketcase Gourmet made both racks pop and complimented the rubs perfectly, so that was the Sauc’d Lownslows Gentlemen’s Blend Coffee Rub and the Treat Your Meat Red Hot Chick rub!

I hope you found these flavour combinations and cook up tips for St Louis Cut Pork Ribs handy, till next time, happy cooking!