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Glass Dining & Lounge Bar BBQ Pork Ribs

Glass Dining & Lounge Bar BBQ Pork Ribs

On a work trip to the Gold Coast, yes, it was an actual work trip, I was lucky enough to be invited to Glass, I heard it was a really upmarket restaurant and that they do amazing food. After a quick survey of the menu, I just had to try the BBQ Pork Ribs*, there were a lot of amazing options on the menu but you can’t afford to have rib envy and placed my order.

They arrived and they looked amazing, I mean just look at the photo above! Came with a side of fries and looking at the ribs I didn’t think I would have room for the fries. First cut into the meat was smooth and they looked super meaty, see below.

The sauce was delicious and I couldn’t wait to get into the meat! Unfortunately, that’s where it all fell apart, the ribs looked like they were possibly boiled rather than slow cooked or smoked and the meat had next to no flavour in it at all. These ribs were terrible! They were not prepared well either, with the membrane on the underside of the rib still present and acting as a barrier to any flavour!

There wasn’t enough sauce to compensate for the lack of flavour and I gave up a third of the way through the rack. I have never shared ribs before and gladly gave it away to people at the table who all agreed that it was lacking in flavour.

I should have had the steak! The meat was tender but unfortunately, at ~$65 for the full rack, this has to be the worst ribs I have had and a bit of a rip off!

*Upon writing this review I read the current Glass menu and looks like they have removed the pork ribs off the menu and replaced them with Slow cooked beef short ribs, mixed slaw, hand cut fries, smoky bbq sauce. I even called to confirm, this is good news and hopefully the beef ribs are a step up from the pork ribs they offered! I would be asking a lot of questions before ordering pork ribs if they hit their menu again.

Glass Dining & Lounge Bar BBQ Pork Ribs
  • Serving Size
  • Tenderness of Meat
  • Sauce on the Ribs
  • Value for Money
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