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The Commo ( Commun na Feinne): American Pork Spare Ribs

The Commo Geelong

The Commo (Commun na Feinne): American Pork Spare Ribs

On a Saturday night the Bistro at The Commo was packed and our reserved table was one of the last one to be had. Although the hotel was full on a busy night we still managed to hold a good conversation amongst our small table of four. To aid with our meal the Hotel had on offer a good array of cold beers on tap including a cider for those that way inclined and more bottled varieties in the fridges.

No table service is provided at The Commo however ordering ribs at the counter is made easy – there is only a single offering of ribs on the menu – American style Pork Spare Ribs for $22 served with wedges, sour cream and a side of salad.

Commun na Feinne (The Commo): American Pork Spare Ribs

With a full bistro The Commo provided timely service with our ribs arriving only half a beer and a short chat after ordering. All plates were consistently presented with a large serve of wedges, a small bowl of a basic green salad and the all-important ribs! The rib portions were not huge, though considering the price tag we we’re not disappointed.

The sauce on these ribs was a pleasant surprise; they were served with a sweet chilli sauce, instead of the more common BBQ sauce, with just the right amount of sauce for the ribs while providing enough to cover some wedges on the side. While not been one of my favourite rib sauces it was tasty and well suited to the sour cream and wedge combination on the side.

The ribs themselves were well cooked and tender with the meat coming off the bone with little effort.

If you’re looking for a beer and a quick tasty feed of ribs at bistro prices The Commo is a good place to start, especially for those bored of the everyday smokey BBQ flavoured rib sauce.

Venue Details:


  • Good ribs at a great price
  • The sauce is something a little different


  • Might leave hungry if you have a big appetite
  • Serving Size
  • Tenderness of Meat
  • Sauce on the Ribs
  • Value for Money

2 thoughts on “The Commo ( Commun na Feinne): American Pork Spare Ribs

  1. I really enjoyed the ribs at the Commo. I wasn’t expecting the sweet chilli sauce but it worked really well. It is a great casual place to go with a few friends for a few beers and some ribs

  2. Ribs were great for the price, sweet chilli flavoured ribs with wedges and sour cream just worked perfectly. If the rib quality was improved, I would be happy to pay more for this dish.

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