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Ribs and Rumps Northland: Lamb, Beef and Pork Ribs

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Ribs and Rumps Northland: Lamb, Beef and Pork Ribs

Late last year an eagle eyed RAS member spotted a ScoopOn deal for a discounted meal at Ribs and Rumps Northland. Several of us took the opportunity for the first RAS road trip, and some ribs for Sunday lunch on the 15th February.

After a very light breakfast, we embarked on our journey to Ribs and Rumps Northland (Northland Shopping Centre), upon our arrival a short excursion through the shopping centre was had to locate the restaurant, which wasn’t hard due to the bright red bull statue outside.

Greeted at the door by staff we were swiftly lead to our table, a nice large one with plenty of room on and around it for the four of us to sit comfortable, plus several members had a excellent view of the chefs preparing orders.  Menus were handed out and the second important order of drinks was taken.

Shortly after our waiter arrived to introduce himself and go through the menu, which once he saw our matching RAS polo’s and trucker caps, quickly directed us to the selection of ribs. The general consensus was to order a full rack of each rib type (Beef, Lamb and Pork), which all came with a side order of fries. And being aware greenery should be added, a garden salad for the whole table, and onion rings were included.

While waiting for our ribs, discreet observations were being made of meals being served around us, particularly a nearby table that had 2 serves of Ribs and Rumps for a table of four. The ease with which the meat came off the bone, caught our interest.

After about 20 minutes the impending arrival of our ribs was heralded by our waiter appearing with several bowls for the bones, more serviettes and our bibs, with a strong recommendation of putting them on to spare our polo’s from the dangers of eating ribs.

As we put them on several staff members arrived with the 3 plates of ribs, and sides. As can being seen from the photos the amount of real estate taken up on each plate by the ribs was substantial. The decision was to lead with the Lamb ribs first, and by far was the best choice as they had plenty of meat on the bone which came away with ease by both knife and teeth.


Lamb Ribs

The Ribs and Rumps saucy glaze on the ribs added the right amount of flavour and moisture to the meat, but was too safe, it had neither the smoky flavour of a good BBQ sauce, nor the tongue tingling of a mild chilli sauce. In saying this, the left over sauce on each plate was quickly mopped up with the fries and onion rings.

The Beef ribs were next on the list, and like the lamb there was plenty of meat to be pulled off the bone, the saucy glaze again was the right amount, enough to provide flavour and covering, but was exactly the same used for the lamb.  The beef ribs highlighted that the marinade didn’t permeate through all the meat, so the last couple of mouthfuls tasted of beef.  Could have solved that by dipping in the extra glaze, but was tricky with shared meal.


Beef Ribs

The last to be had was the Pork ribs, again like the other ribs the meat came off the ribs nicely, had that lovely crisp coating of glaze, but there wasn’t as much meat as the lamb or beef.  At this point we realised, the orders should have being bought out one at a time, as the ribs were getting cold and the Ribs and Rumps saucy glaze (turns out the same glaze is used on all three types), was just not as flavoursome.


 Pork Ribs

At the end of the meal we realised for 3 serves of ribs between 4 of us, that we all were quite full and had enjoyed every morsel of our meals.  Ribs and Rumps is definitely one of the best serves of ribs I have experienced since joining the Rib Appreciation Society, and will certainly look forward to my next visit.

The overall cost of our meals at Ribs and Rumps Northland with drinks and sides added was spot on $200.  Thanks to the discount meal voucher from ScoopOn (outlay of around $90), meant we only had to pay $20, what a bargain thanks ScoopOn.

Venue Details

  • Address: Northland Shopping Centre, 2-50 Murray Road, Preston, VIC 3072
  • Phone: (03) 9470 5950
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Mon – Fri : 12 to 3pm and 5pm to 10pm
    • Sat – Sun : 12pm to 10pm


  • Quantity and quality of meat
  • Sides were the right amount to compliment meal
  • Atmosphere, plenty of space and lighting


  • Expensive without the ScoopOn discount
  • No variation in sauces to enhance the type of meat


Think you know where the Best Ribs in [Geelong/Melbourne/Surf Coast] area? Why not let us know by commenting below.

Ribs and Rumps Northland
  • Serving Size
  • Tenderness of Meat
  • Sauce on the Ribs
  • Value for Money

2 thoughts on “Ribs and Rumps Northland: Lamb, Beef and Pork Ribs

  1. I’ve been to the Ribs and Rumps in Townsville a few time now and have really enjoyed the ribs every time. The quality of the meat is always high and the meat just falls off the bone like all good ribs should.

  2. I was very impressed with the ribs here and I’m not a huge fan of lamb ribs but the lamb ribs were up there with the best lamb ribs I have eaten. I think if we didn’t taste all three types of ribs in one go, we wouldn’t have noticed that they all had the same flavour marinade. The marinade worked best with lamb in my opinion. Would I go back here? Yes!

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