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Parkers Steakhouse Geelong: Beef and Pork Ribs

Parkers Steakhouse Geelong

Parkers Steakhouse Geelong: Beef and Pork Ribs

Parkers Steakhouse Geelong is one of the best and in my opinion the only steakhouse in Geelong. Believe it or not I have been there several times but never ordered the ribs before but this night it was all about the ribs (‘bout the ribs).

Parkers Steakhouse Geelong is affiliated with the Squires Loft steakhouses, which puts them into a whole new level. We arrived at the Parkers at around 6pm, early I know but I had been fasting all day and an early dinner was in order. To my delight, we were given a table opposite the grill and I promptly took up position in the table so I can watch the action of the chef manning it.

Parkers Steakhouse Geelong has pork and beef ribs to choose from, both cooked in the special Parkers baste, served with chips or a baked potato and your choice of sauces (Mushroom, Black Pepper, Green Pepper, Creamy Garlic, BBQ, Danish Blue Cheese). I was not going to leave Parkers Steakhouse this night till I tried both types of ribs, so I ordered an entree of pork ribs with no sauce and a main of beef ribs with BBQ sauce and chips.

It was a surprisingly quiet night at Parkers Steakhouse Geelong and our entrées arrived in less than 20 minutes, which was perfect as we’d just finished our first round of beers. The pork ribs were fantastic, a bit low on the meat side but the special Parkers baste packed it with flavour that went right through to the bones and the two racks were devoured in less than 10 minutes…. what can I say I was hungry!

These pork ribs would have to be one of the best pork ribs I have had, so much flavour, it nearly brought a tear to my eye. The meat fell off the bones so easily you could have eaten it with a knife and fork quite easily. The ribs really didn’t need a sauce but if you wanted to, they would go with any of the sauces listed above that take your fancy.

Parkers Steakhouse Pork Ribs

Once the pork ribs were polished off, it was short 30-minute wait for our mains but while I was waiting I was kept busy watching the grill master at work cooking the variety of steaks, ribs, chicken and the odd mushroom. Everything was lathered with the special Parkers sauce, even the actual grill; it was poetry in motion with flame-grilled perfection. You can very quickly see why this is one of the best steakhouses in Geelong.

The mains arrived and the hotplate that sat in front of me had two massive racks of beef ribs barely hanging onto the plate with a side of chips that were never going to be finished with a small gravy boat full of BBQ sauce, yes a gravy boat! Three words, Oh. My. God.

Parkers Steakhouse Geelong Beef Ribs

I took a minute or two to compose myself and began my epic rib-journey. These beef ribs were fantastic, I’m putting it out there that these are the best ribs I have ever had (so far), the meat fell off the bone, the special Parkers baste flavours carried through the meat and there was so much meat, I actually offered a rib or two across the table. The quality of the ribs was impressive, with very little fat to be found, you pretty much could eat every bit of meat without thinking twice.

The BBQ sauce had a fantastic flavour; it was chunky and had the right balance of sweet and sourness. It complimented the ribs perfectly and was great for dipping your chips into as well and the best part is, if I wanted more, I could just order another gravy boat full.

The only negative is the cost and this is the only negative I could really come up with. The entrée pork ribs cost $30, the main beef ribs cost $50 and the BBQ sauce costing an extra $4.50, dinner cost a whopping $84.50 and when you throw in a couple of drinks, you’re hitting triple figures per person. But I have to say, it was worth it, I wouldn’t head there every week but I would certainly be back.

All in all, I absolutely loved the ribs at Parkers Steakhouse Geelong, no doubt about it, the best in Geelong.

Venue Details

  • Address: 2 Shorts Place, Geelong VIC 3220
  • Phone: (03) 5221 8485
  • Hours of Operation: Open 7 days a week, 6PM to late.


  • Flavour! Flavour! Flavour! Both the beef and pork ribs were packed full of flavour.
  • The quality of the meat was amazing.
  • Chunky BBQ sauce FTW!


  • It’s a bit pricey but  so worth it!
  • Uncomfortable chairs but I’d sit there for 2 more hours if I could fit in more ribs!


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Parkers Steakhouse Geelong
  • Serving Size
  • Tenderness of Meat
  • Sauce on the Ribs
  • Value for Money

1 thought on “Parkers Steakhouse Geelong: Beef and Pork Ribs

  1. Hi guys,

    I’ve seen the Rib Appreciation Society mentioned on twitter a few times, but it is not until tonight that I have found out that you guys actually have a website. Nice work.

    I have just spend the last 20 minutes or so, reading through every review you have done, and when I came to the Parkers steakhouse review I thought I just had to add a comment below.

    A quick backstory, growing up we never had ribs, I was always told that they were too much work for the amount of meat you got off them and that they were just too messy.

    It was not until 3-4 years ago that my wife and I we went out to Parkers with a mate and his wife for dinner. We were celebrating something, can’t quite remember what it was, but it was something big as we were dressed up.

    Anyway, my mates wife had ordered the pork rib. When they arrived she said that she always gets them from parkers as they were so good. I mentioned that I had never had ribs before, so she urged me to try them, luckily for me the meat had fallen off the bone, as even though I was wearing a shirt I was still able to try some and eat it with a knife and fork.

    That night changed me forever!

    Since then no matter where we go for dinner, if they have ribs on the menu I try and order them.

    Unfortunately suffering from coeliac disease generally limits my ability to have them at the majority of places because the sauces they use have wheat in them. To make matters worse, when I am with a group of friends, as soon as one of them hear me ask the staff if the ribs are gluten free, one or two of them all of a sudden think to themselves “yeah the ribs sound good I might order them”, so I am normally sitting there eating a salad, while watching a mate across the table get stuck into some nice juicy ribs 🙁

    Of all the pork ribs I have tasted in restaurants around Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Thailand, I can quite honestly say Parkers Steakhouse has the best ones.

    My wife hates it, she has now got to the stage of not caring who is around, if we are out and I give an order of ribs to the waiter, she will yell out, “don’t do it! You know they won’t be as good as Parkers, get something else that you will enjoy instead”, but of course I do still go and order them, I just have to keep hunting for better ribs.

    I reckon I have been back to Parkers at least 10 times and I don’t order anything but the ribs. I do actually find I prefer to go to the Drysdale restaurant rather than the Geelong one as the smoke tends to linger around the restaurant in Geelong. Although in Geelong you do have a better view of the grill and I don’t know if it is the ancestry caveman in me or the fact that I want to be up there turning the meat myself, but I tend to find it appealing to see your food being cooked before it is served to you.

    Anyway, this is a bit longer than I expected to write, but being Parkers I just had to comment.

    Keep up the good work boys and I am looking forward to seeing the review of the next place you go.


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