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La Porchetta Geelong: Ribs Special

La Porchetta Geelong

La Porchetta Geelong: Ribs Special

We stumbled upon the ribs at La Porchetta quite by accident late last year during one of our first RAS outings, we heard of its existence but to be totally honest, we were heading to La Porchetta Geelong that night to grab some pizzas.

We noticed the ribs listed on the specials menu and at first were a bit doubtful of how good they could be; ribs at a pizza place and only costing $25 with chips and salad (or vegetables)…really?

To our surprise, they were pretty damn good! A huge serving of ribs, for $25, good enough sides to fill in the gaps and lashings of smoky BBQ sauce to cover the ribs as well as enough to dip your chips into. Our first experience with this special at La Porchetta Geelong was fantastic and it quickly became a regular for the cash strapped RAS members who had rib cravings that needed quenching.

Below is a photo of some of the founding members of the RAS at La Porchetta enjoying their ribs for the first time and yes, that’s Brett skipping out on Ribs, madness! And yes, the ladies behind us are photo bombing us but just look at those Ribs!!!

RAS at La Poechetta Geelong

12 months on, we have been to La Porchetta Geelong about half a dozen times for their “Ribs Special”. They only live on the specials menu but seem to make an appearance on there more often than not. They come smoking hot on a sizzle plate, if they have enough sizzle plates that is and don’t last long enough for even a quick Instagram photo most nights. The sides are their standard main meal sides and do their job of being just the right amount of dull to make the ribs stand out and the ribs certainly do stand out!

The meat on the ribs varied in tenderness and is dependent on the size of the ribs you get, the bigger the ribs the tougher the meat tended to be. Although over several visit this rule didn’t alway hold hard and fast, the tenderness and texture of the meat was usually acceptable but never “falling off the bone” good, this is where the $25 cost was justified, you get what you pay for in this regard.

Over our many visits, the only issue we experienced was inconsistent serving sizes, with a bunch of rib envious blokes, it was always a game of chance to see who got the smallest serving of ribs during any given visit. If you are going there in a large group for just ribs, I would call ahead make sure they can accommodate you all, the last time we were at La Porchetta Geelong with 7 of the RAS members, we had a serving of ribs that were a tad frozen inside. Order times always varied, getting ribs for four or more people on a table always meant a 30-40 minute wait but to the RAS it’s worth the wait for ribs, I wouldn’t recommend ordering ribs if you were on a deadline!

We highly recommend the ribs at La Porchetta, serving sizes aside; it’s the best value ribs in Geelong we have found so far and the Pizzas aren’t that bad either!

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Venue Details

  • Address: 29-31 Malop St, Geelong VIC 3220
  • Phone: (03) 5229 7313
  • Hours of Operation: Open 7 days a week for Lunch and Dinner


  • Best value for money the RAS has found so far!
  • Huge Serving Sizes; there has been some ocation where some of us, not naming names, couldn’t finish all their ribs!
  • Great staff.


  • Serving sizes can vary, which doesn’t go down well if you’re the person with the smallest amount of ribs at the table.
  • Can’t manage a large table, so call ahead.

Think you know where the Best Ribs in Geelong are? Why not let us know by commenting below.

La Porchetta Geelong: Ribs Special
  • Serving Size
  • Tenderness of Meat
  • Sauce on the Ribs
  • Value for Money

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  1. Love it!!! Have this page bookmarked!!!!

  2. For value for money La Porchetta Rib Special is hard to beat. I have had this many times over the past year and although it can be hit and miss on the serving size I usually leave satisfied.

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